We have packages to suit all incomes, a little goes a long way and if you have 1,000s of pictures, you may wish to break it into smaller groupings: 
- We do all the scanning of your photos and memorabilia inhouse
- If you are here in South Florida we are happy to pick them up and spend a few minutes with you to understand what the project means to you and how you hope to use your digital photos
- For those outside of South Florida, phone or Skype are other viable options
- We are passionate about ancestry and preserving memories
- We believe that photos help tell a better story
- We all have our personal archives of our family memories which we can share with you to see what is possible 
Choosing Your Package
  1. Package One - $0.225 per picture
    We will scan all of the pictures you want to share digitally with your friends and family. We provide them to you as scanned on a Flickr account which we can easily create for you and help install on your smart phone or tablet or both.
Scan With Edits
Package Two - $0.50 per picture

We will scan all of the pictures you want to share with your friends and family and enhance them with various photo programs to add titles, frames, descriptions, locations, dates, digital albums, etc.  These photos will be provided to you via Flickr.
Custom Packages

This option could include VHS to DVD video conversions, photos to DVD videos, production of harbound albums or other keepsakes, one-on-one interviews to record in writing or via audio recordings to add narrative to your visual images. 

All custom package pricing will be quoted depending on your needs and any outside services we might need to help you have a workproduct you will be proud to share.